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March 31, 2019

Spent a quiet Sunday evening listing NEW domestic items on my website. Tomorrow I will add some images ( I only have the Digital images for now) and also show the items finished.

All these new items are in someway domestic items. I love the simplicity of some of the designs and have always wanted to start a collection of what would describe as high quality realistic "essentials". I have more to list; a table, a set of old saucepans and frying pans, and a plunger (posser is the correct name but not well known). 

All items (excluding the sink) are made from metal and can either be polished or painted.

I shall keep you posted when I have the "real thing" photographed. 

Architectural cornice etc

I am going to be listing some of the cornicing including elements of the room below. I shall keep you updated.

The Follie

Just a little update - it has been printed! Or at least 95% has been printed. One wall was wonky so is being reprinted. Parts of it will be made from wood but these can not be created...

June 20, 2018


Firstly let me say thank you for signing up to my newsletter and apologies for my lack of sending them! I have had a moment of inspiration to write one so here goes!

In the process of printing...

If you have been to my home page recently you will have seen some of the new items that are currently being printed. To the left is a screenshot of the print layout - it's not looking very exciting but the magic happens when the "print" button is pressed. Over a period of around 24 hours a stream of resin is passed back and forth, leaving a little trail behind starting at the bottom and working upwards....anything with an undercut is printed with a wax cushion that is melted after the print is finished. The printing is incredibly detailed.

I know that you can buy a 3d printer on Amazon  for  few hundred pounds but be warned the print quality is terrible and very few of them are "plug and play". When my print has finished I shall take some pictures and email them over to you. But here are a few...

September 19, 2017

I have been playing about with paint finishes this evening - I am really impatient and rarely allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat or maybe an aging solution.

Below is my first attmept. I'm not happy with the finish of this fact I did reach a point where it was looking OK and then I started adding more wax..I should really learn when to stop! But I thought I would share this with you because the detail is easier to see with the paint finish.

If this is a finish that you like then its really quite simple... paint highlighted areas gold (i ended up rubbing off the gold but I think it looked better with the gold showing) and then paint the item. I chose duckegg blue, As the paint dries wipe away the paint from the raised areas to reveal the gold...more rubbing reveals the base colour. Go over with a wax _ start with some Annie Sloane dark wax and then with her Black wax....polish the wax and then finish by splattering some dark brown to create some texture and d...

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