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Oct 11, 2017

Marbling Decals



Has anyone ever used decals of marble finishes?

Some of my items would look lovely with marble finishes and I wondered if anyone had created them using a decal.

Oct 11, 2017

OK - I gave it a go! Well I used tattoo transfer - it was a bit messy and I made some basic errors which show up on the side of the top; I did not realise the paper would release a sticky mesh but I think it could work if I was more organised.




Oct 11, 2017

Oh I should have said that I bought a high res image of the marble from shutterstock and then scaled it to size in photoshop then printed it using an inkjet colour printer onto the tattoo transfer medium paper. From here I had to then place a sticky film over the image and rub it down. the sticky film attached to the image and I was able to stick the tattoo onto the resin by rubbing the rear of the image with water and releasing the sticky onto the resin. This is where I went a bit wrong - tip: you really need to cut the image to the exact shape of the design including sides...mine was too large and peeled away from the cabinet. The sticky film is like very very fine and stretchy.








Kristina Golightly
Oct 19, 2017

I have recently been using waterslide decals and I think that they work great. Have you used them before? Do you prefer the tattoo method?

Sep 2

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