18th Century French bread table 12th scale unpainted kit

The kit is made from metal alloy with a thin mdf top

The top can vary in size but is approx. 11cm or 13cm x 5.5cm or 6.5cm

The height of the table is 6.9cm


When assembling please be mindful to secure the location pegs into their corresponding holes gently. Too much force will cause them to snap. If the fit is a little tight simply sand the location pegs until they fit the hole. You can secure the fitting with super glue or any other glue suitable for metal bonding. 


It is a simple kit but one that looks rather beautiful when painted. Preferrably spray painted if using paints to avoid clumpy build up of paints.


The one pictured has had a coat of spray paint to the metal but yours will be in its raw state of alloy metal. I would suggest using a metal primer and then a spray coat of your favourite colour. You could age it slightly by adding a wash of lime white or raw umber. 











18th Century French bread table 12th scale unpainted kit

    • French Trumeau Mirror approx. 7cm wide x 12.5cm hgh

    • Ladies wasp waist mannequin total height approx 4.5" to 5"

    • Gentlemans desk = 6.5cm high x 15.5cm wide  x 7.5cm deep.

    • Torchere = 10cm high x 4cm widest part x 2.6cm diameter on top.

    • Ladies desk = 12cm high x 10.8cm widest part x 5.5cm deep.

    • Commode by Francois Linke = 7cm high x 11cm widest part x 4.5cm deep.

    • Small French Console table = 6.5cm wide x 7cm high x 6.5cm wide

    • Small French table = 6.8cm high x 6.8cm wide x 3.9cm deep

    • Large french Mirror = 9cm wide x 12.5cm high (the actual oval mirror is 7cm x 5cm)

    • Large Girondelle Mirror 12cm x 6.5cm


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