Lovely email from a French dolls house maker

I have just had a wonderful email from a lovely man who is French living in Thailand who makes the most beautiful french dollshouses for a hobby. I was so inspired by his amazing work that I thought I would share it with you - I also know that some of you will be itching to know more about him.....

HIs name is Patrick Duclou and in his spare time he creates these stunning french dolls houses which is quite a feat as he lives in Thailand where he teaches English! His blog site is or facebook siams Miniatures. I think you will agree that his work is wonderful and his finish on the exterior of the buildings is fantastic.

....cant wait to see what he is making next and his block shows us how he creates such wonderful facades.....

He has a video too could not believe it when the video panned into the bathroom where I saw my mums (lilianne Miniatures) bath and taps that she used to make!!

Also a great little video showing aging technique on the outside wall of a house

Wonderful work Patrick..!

Tel. 07539 880641                        

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