The hat maker's room

Hello, this is my second post on Alison’s blog. Today, let’s visit the hat maker’s room. I built this scene in 2013.

When I finished the tailor’s shop, I had two rooms above to furnish and I started with the attic under the roof. This type of room is not easy to decorate because of the slope of the roof.

I imagined it would have been a perfect place for a hat maker. Many worked from home and took their creations to the shop called “une modiste” in French. My grandmother was a hat maker.

I built a partition at the back which allowed me to place the bed in a nook with curtains.

I guess it was nice to sleep in a nook when the weather got cold although I have never tried. I got a sample of wallpaper from the Internet, I copied and pasted it and when I got an A4 page, I printed it. 80gr Paper is ok. That was the sample I had:

One tip: I like to use spray glue. Why? If the paper is too thin, the paper may get damp with water-based glue and tear.

Cover your work table as spray is difficult to control. Spray lightly but everywhere. I do it from left to right, top to bottom. If you forget a place, it will show when the paper is dry. Align the paper with the top of the wall and lay it. No error is allowed as the glue is very strong. Let it dry before you cut the edges or the doors and windows.

For the floor, I used flooring from Minimumworld. It’s real wood, easy to cut with adhesive at the back. For this room I painted it light grey.

I then built the work table, the stool and made all the little boxes and stuff to store ribbons, feathers and flowers.

As it was too dark, I opened a large window on the side. Very Parisian in artist’s studios.

I got hats from Luned Davis who creates wonderful hats and bonnets in 1/12. She is in the UK and has a shop on Etsy called JustForYouminiatures.

I have never added dolls to my scene. I like to think the people who live there have just gone but I like to put some animals, cats, dogs or parrots. Actually, I have never lived without animals at home so……here a French bouledogue and two cats.

Another tip: I don’t use a mitre saw to cut angles, I got this tool.

It looks like scissors. It’s a bit expensive but you can choose different angles and they are pretty sharp. The result is good. They can be found on Ebay They are called

Multi Angle Trim Cutter

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the hat maker's room. Next week I will tell you the story of the villa. It was my first big building.

More pictures in my blog http://ajarnpatrick.blogspot,com

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