An inspirational paper artist - Isabelle de Borchgrave - "let them wear paper!"

Many years ago when I was 20 I trained in Liverpool as a costumier and spent a few years in various theatres making/designing beautiful costumes. I learnt about the cut of an outfit and where the seam lines need to sit, how a garment was fastened and how to interpret a 2d painting into a 3d creation. I loved it and the 18th Century was my passion. However very few clothes remain from this period - cloth was expensive and in later years clothes that ha survived would have been used for fancy dress so finding originals was difficult......a study of paintings was inevitable. I still look at 18th century paintings of costume, looking at the detail and the construction and whilst on a google images marathon (!) I came upon this wonderful paper artist who creates the most stunning 3 dimensional costumes using paper and paint....her works are full size and an illusion of the real thing but she is able to achieve such brilliant detail and texture that it has inspired me to "try it out" in 12th scale...I have dabbled with paper in the past and because it is so versatile and cheap I think that creating texture and detail and also perfect drapes in 12th scale would be an exciting challenge. There are so many different types of paper available. You can break the fibres to soften the paper by rubbing and scrunching it in your hands..this makes it more pliable. Decoration is so easy with pens and pencils and paints, stamps, cutters, folding, scrunching, laser, ironing...maybe even some could print out fabric patterns. Tip: to print onto very fine tissue or paper simply secure a small size sheet of tissue to a sheet of A4 using tape and manual feed into the printer)

This artist has inspired me and I hope will inspire you - hence my blog.......if you do have a go at paper costume or curtains or drapes then I would love to see them.......have fun mini trufflers.....Ali x

Lots of videos and images - search google.....