Do you fancy attending my first Workshop at Dolls House Netherlands Show?

In my old life, many years ago, I used to be a teacher so it is with some excitment that I can announce that I shall be running a days workshop at the forthcoming show in Holland organised by the wonderful Rika.

During this workshop you will learn several finishing techniques such as aging wood, painting a wooden finish onto resin and gilding. You can choose two pieces of furniture from my collection to work on but will also upholster an 18th century chair

You can choose any two items from:

1. French table,

2. French Console table,

3. large French console table,

4. mirror

5. bed.

If you choose to decorate the bed then there is a € 20 extra fee in addition to the price.

In addition to your two items of furniture you will also work on and upholster an 18th century chair.

I will supply some fabric (Silk, Toile cotton and pretty French cotton )but you may have your own.

I am hoping that the day will be great fun and a learning experience. It wont be just a case of copying my techniques. We shall explore "what happens if" to processes to identify the properties of the different media. After learning about the different processes you then choose which ones to apply to your furniture. We shall share what we have learnt and there will be loads of hints and tips along the way. I shall also throw in a few "problems" for you to solve as a team.

You will be able to work at your own speed and not worry about "being left behind" or having spare time waiting - there will be simply loads of things to try out and experiment with. If you want to concentrate on one finish or 3 or 4 finishes you can - the workshop will accomodate all levels of ability. I guarantee a truly wonderful, fun and interesting workshop where you will go home not only with two or three beautifully painted items but also with skills you can apply and develop.

What do you need to bring?

I shall supply all the paints and glues and gold leaf etc that you will need. However you may want to bring a basic workbox that includes a pair of sissors suitable for cutting material, your favourite paint brushes (I will supply brushes) and an apron to protect your clothes. If you are sensitive to paints and glue I will have thin desposible rubber gloves available.

The workshop will take place on Friday, March td, 09.30-16.00. Price € 82.50, including coffee, tea and lunch. Please email me for more information and to reserve your space. I only speak English so you will need to understand basic English to get the most from this workshop.

Info: Alison Davies,+44(0)753988641