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The Villa (interior)

February 15, 2017



 The Villa opens on 2 sides, East and West. I haven't changed the original dimensions of the rooms, so some rooms may not look like dollhouse rooms. They are not, they are the size of the real rooms.


The kitchen:

 Home made Agga cooker, table and sink and all the furniture.


 The preparation "des bouchees a la Reine"  and "du pate de Paques" for Sunday lunch !


The dining room:

 The room next to the kitchen is "la salle a manger", the dining room....



That room is still under construction...


Le Salon

This room which is much bigger than the others represents in my imagination "le salon" of a upper middle class family at the turn of the century. Maybe some ''nouveaux riches" who have just had this Villa built for them

I chose a pale blue for the walls.



Preparing Xmas....

 The study

With this room, I learnt how to make books. I make 300. They don't open. 

 The bedroms are small, with simple "provinciale" furniture,







The bathroom. I guess a house like this had a bathroom with a bathtub and hot water :)



A view from the terrace, the chair was made by Catherine Ferouelle, from France.


  And this is probaly a nice place to enjoy the sunset before dinner!

  I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.




Next time, I'll show you details on my last project. Have a great weekend!




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