Messing about with finishes

I have been playing about with paint finishes this evening - I am really impatient and rarely allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat or maybe an aging solution.

Below is my first attmept. I'm not happy with the finish of this fact I did reach a point where it was looking OK and then I started adding more wax..I should really learn when to stop! But I thought I would share this with you because the detail is easier to see with the paint finish.

If this is a finish that you like then its really quite simple... paint highlighted areas gold (i ended up rubbing off the gold but I think it looked better with the gold showing) and then paint the item. I chose duckegg blue, As the paint dries wipe away the paint from the raised areas to reveal the gold...more rubbing reveals the base colour. Go over with a wax _ start with some Annie Sloane dark wax and then with her Black wax....polish the wax and then finish by splattering some dark brown to create some texture and depth....

Just one last note: I shall be at Miniatura at the NEC at the end of this month. I dont think I shall have many of my new items ready in time for the show but I shall have nearly all my current designs available in kit form for the DIY enthusiast as well as assembled and painted. If you would like to see some of the new designs then I shall be in York in November and at Kensington in December where I shall be launching new items including decorative architectural detailing as well as furniture, fire surrounds and accessories.



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