Miniatura 2017 show highlights

Miniatura held is 69th show this weekend at the NEC Birmingham England. We had a stand at the 2 day show and on the second day managed to take some time off to visit other stands and talk to the stall holders. I thought I would share some images I took. If you did not make it to the show or are just interested to know what was at the show then I hope that todays blog will be interesting.


I have been thinking about creating some room scenes for my stand at shows and when I saw this parquet flooring as a kit I thought how brilliant it was...I know these floors take hours to create but this kit saves loads of time and still looks authentic.

As you can see from the photo there are other options for wooden floors and wooden panelling.

The strips are stuck to double sided sticky backed paper so that you can then apply it to the floor of the model you are working on.

The company are called Malcoms Miniatures and can be contacted through their website.

Of course there are many companies supplying tiling and brick work but I thought I would focus on just the one - they offer really good prices and some of their natural flooring is really lovely - there was a travertine finish which I rather liked.

Included amongst their items were some cast chimney pots and fire inserts which looks rather realistic with glowing embers, real soot and logs....they would work perfectly with my new fire surrounds!!!

Above and below are images of my protoypes for my fire surrounds that will be available to purchase at kensington in December. These are the actual 3d prints which now need to be moulded and cast. The little log fires above would look lovely inside the surround.


I wanted to buy a chandelier or something that could hang in the middle of one of my room for the show and found this pretty standard brass chandelier.....the one I bought has 14 arms. I must admit its not really my "thing" but I shall repaint it- get it looking a bit more historical and then decide if its right for the £42 rrp i thought it was OK for the price.

Crystal drops-

It might be worth noting that Hiedi Ott sell little miniature drop crystals for you to create your own chrystal chandelier. Unfortunately they were quite expensive at £9 for a tiny bag of about 10 crystals.

Below are more items from the their stand showing electrical bits and bobs....the way to go now is LED and or remote and I noticed a few stand selling control panels with wifi settings so that you can control the house lighting remotely. Its not as complex as you might think but if you want some really good advice then contact another one of the stall holders - Ray Storey Lighting....he is a wealth of knowledge and can guide you with the right products.

My sort of house

Of course I love French dolls houses and everything fact I have the house from "the book" - "The big book of the Miniature House" available in English and French...but.....

...a dolls house at the show caught my eye - I loved the quirky nature of it...the little led windows and the rickety stairs....

It's made by "Glorious Twelth"....I would love to see how he would interprit a french Chateau!!

Here are some images of the inside and outside of the lovely little 12th scale house:

Truly Lovely

Truly Scrumptious was at the fair with her really wonderful collection of quirky and unusual miniatures. These are all made by hand on a lathe etc. So fiddly and tiny and so wonderful:

Amongst the stands at the show was Mike Sparrow whose silver ware is truly outstanding....the detail and quality are exceptional.

Glass craft offer really lovely wine goblets and trifle bowls. We shall be next to them at Kensington so please mind your bags and coats when you are visiting our stand!!!

PAUL BRIGGS (no website) makes the most incredible little ships (do not say boats unless they are boats!!!)...I could hardly believe that someone could string the sails with such perfection but Paul is a perfectionist and his ships are testament to his incredible talent and passion. Not only are his designs exquisite but his stand is beautiful...a truly lovely miniaturist...

A little secret to share!

Pauls stand is truly eye catching and he showed me his turrets which are actually made from card. The top is a little plastic toy airfix kit painted and placed on top but is a really wonderful idea for anyone thinking of creating a quirky house.....

Country Treasures This company has been on my most wanted list and my most visited stand..I love looking at all their wonderful creations and everytime I see them it just gets better and better....they are so clever and gifted at acheiving that totally grubby and worn out look...

I took a little video of the stand - I would fail miserably if I was a film producer but the video of their stand still shows their delightful, love love it all!!

And finally....I hope that you have enjoyed my highlights from the show - alas I forgot to take pictures of my stand! But here are a few of the hall in general as seen looking out from our stand.

My next show will be York racecourse in November followed two weeks later by Kensington where I hope to launch the beginning of a new collection of interior decorative items suchs as cornicing and fire surrounds etc...

Mini hugs



PS website will be updated this week with stock....

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