More on their way!

Last night I listed some kits of the new items that I am making. I have some more items that will be available shortly and thought I would share these with you. Firstly there is the incredibly delicate but detailed candelabra. It will be sold as a kit and also made up. The one in the image has not been painted so it looks rather plain. I plan to paint them cream and gold and black and gold and maybe an old grey for the shabby chic collector. The candelabra stands 5.5cm high. The kit will come with the arms ready to denib the casting spurs and then glue to the candelabra. To make sure each candelabra arm survives the journey and the painting they have been made from a flexible resin which allows a tolerable degree of bending


The buffet cabinet has to be amongst the most interesting of all the new designs. However despite falling in love with it I feel that it is quite small - it is 12th scale but maybe not as grand as it was intended. I shall be making another that is a staggering 1cm taller and propotionally larger. This small increase will make a dramatic difference. I shall of course still have the smaller buffets for sale but if like me you love things a bit OTT then you may like the larger cabinet:


This little french dining table extends to allow for more guests or more food!!!

The kits are made and ready so will be adding them shortly to my shop.

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