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Firstly let me say thank you for signing up to my newsletter and apologies for my lack of sending them! I have had a moment of inspiration to write one so here goes!

In the process of printing...

If you have been to my home page recently you will have seen some of the new items that are currently being printed. To the left is a screenshot of the print layout - it's not looking very exciting but the magic happens when the "print" button is pressed. Over a period of around 24 hours a stream of resin is passed back and forth, leaving a little trail behind starting at the bottom and working upwards....anything with an undercut is printed with a wax cushion that is melted after the print is finished. The printing is incredibly detailed.

I know that you can buy a 3d printer on Amazon for few hundred pounds but be warned the print quality is terrible and very few of them are "plug and play". When my print has finished I shall take some pictures and email them over to you. But here are a few of the CAD drawings of what is in the pipeline:

What is 3D CAD design

I would like to share with you a little bit about the 3D CAD design process. What it is not is an easy copy and trace process. Tracing can be used to obtain the basic shape or proportion but it will not create a 3d cad design for you.

So firstly a design is chosen to reproduce.....just in the same way that a 12th scale carver would choose an item. The next stage is to draw this rather than using a pencil or a chisel the cad artist will use a mouse and pen......this is drawn across the computer screen to create shapes etc. And just like a lump of clay the shape can be moulded by pulling and pushing the shape to create the design. The obvious advantage of course is the detail.....whereas carving by hand requires a magnifying glass and the limitation of the media being carved...the 3d cad designer can explode the design to intense magnification so that all details are drawn/sculpted. So having the item being reproduce to hand is obviously a great advantage but also having at least three images of the item that shows the side, front and's a bonus if there are more images to use but as long as the basics are there it removes most of the guess work. This is not an easy process and I have the greatest respect for all artists who turn their hand to this new process in art. So if you ever find something really beautiful that you would like recreated in cad then the more details you have of the item the better it is. One final thought - Leonardo da Vinci used various methods to reproduce his work and he was always one for new techniques and experimentation....he would have loved 3d cad modelling - in fact it was not unheard of for great masters to use all sorts of techniques to achieve the end result including casting the hands and feet of a person as part of the sculpting processes.

New processes

I have just bought myself a rather large and pricey CNC router. For those not familiar with one then let me explain.

A cnc router is a way of cutting using a drill or blade to produce 2d and 3d pieces so it is capable of cutting, carving and turning. The CNC router is programmed with a suitable design and a piece of wood, plastic paper, card etc is placed onto the cutting mat or spindle. A drill (or similar) passes over the wood, cutting and removing it to reveal the design.

I have so many ideas I dont know where to start!! One idea is to work on some architectural pieces - stairs and windows and doors etc and maybe progress to a dollshouse! Or maybe the other way around? I need some direction!!

I have been searching the internet for ideas and here are a few I have discovered:

and other ideas - doors, grills, staircases facades, windows...….

This one below is of particular interest to me because I have been there - it is located in Normandy and is an abandoned Chateau....I spent the day there and learnt of its history. I think this one might be a good one....

I have also been thinking about some 3d cad designs:

The French Room

I have almost finished the 3D printing for the French room (but I have not created a decorative ceiling :( ). Below are the images of the real room in full scale painted (and sold at Sotherbys).

and these are some cad drawings of the above....

…….. and then some of the items printed. I have also added a few other items that should be ready by the autumn - firedogs, books and wasp waist mannequin:

Hope you enjoyed my little blog - I promise to keep you more informed and please share your comments with me either by email, on my forum with each other or on my home page on my website....



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