August Newsletter

Hi mini-makers

What a manic and life changing few weeks we have had here in Evesham. So what has been happening?

We have had to close the website shop for a few weeks so that we can deal with all the changes that are taking place here. My apologies to anyone who has been waiting to place an order but we should be back up and running in a matter of weeks. So what has been happening?

1. The Follie. We have cast the follie and now working on the doors and floor and misc. All going really well and should be available before Christmas. We have a launch date for the exterior of the building for the Kensington show although I might take a prototype to Arnhem with me in September.

2. Closing our curtain pole business. As some of you may be aware as well as making minis I also run a small manufacturing company designing and making curtain poles. However I have some sad news - we have decided to close down our main curtain pole business and rework it so we sell only unpainted items. I have run this business for the last 20 years but a combination of Brexit, uncertain economies and a slow down in the interiors market lead us to conclude that we would close part of it down and concentrate only on unpainted items. We are in the throws of clearing out the unit, making staff redundant and re-configuring the workshop to make way for minis and unpainted curtain poles. This will take a little time to organise but hopefully things will be back up and running by the end of the month.

3. We are moving house. So we are getting the house ready to put on the market and when we find our little dream cottage we shall at last be able to work from home.

4. And when there is time I am doing just the normal stuff - getting ready for shows, making stock, working on new designs, making moulds, casting and so on.

Work in progress

We have a number of designs being 3d printed at the moment. I am not sure when they will be ready for sale although I hope before Christmas. Some will be made from plaster and others metal. Here is a small sneaky peak:


4 lovely rats


3 detailed corbels for the interior or exterior of your house. Ideal as supports for making archways.

Busts and Caryatids

I am working on a new dolls house with my Nephew Arron Christie. It is loosely based on Versaille and comes with all manner of exterior decorative architecture. The house will be created as a flat pack and just like the Follie there will be options for interior and exterior 'add ons' to make the building truly unique and decorative. Here are just a few of the designs that will adorn the exterior.


I love little French windows and here is an example of a really lovely one that I found on the internet:


Over the coming years a would love to add to my growing collection of cornice

Here are two new ones:


I simply love the simple detailing of well designed objects and have included a few more items into my domestic collection:

Outstanding/delayed orders

Just a little sorry and an explanation: We had an unexpected flood of orders in the last few weeks and stock levels of some items have run out. If you have not had a notification to say your order is on its way then I shall be emailing you today to go through any issues with the delay to your order.

I design and manufacture which means that moulds have to be remade, modifications made to the master for casting and so forth. I make most items to order but where possible will hold a small amount of stock. As a one person business there will always be the chance that there might be a small delay in processing your order. Whenever possible I dispatch asap but more often than not I am making your item for you. I hope that this is OK.


As part of the creative process and 'making' there are always occasions where things go wrong. Like everyone else I have had loads of disasters (most I don't advertise!!!). However casting which is part of the manufacturing process can result in small defects. Problems such as air entrapment (bubbles) or under filling a mould or maybe a join line in a mould is too severe or even an item breaks when removed from the mould. Casting, particularly in plaster, can be tricky. So what do I do with all my seconds? The simple answer is I put them into a box. And my box is getting bigger! So I shall be bringing them with me to Arnhem. All items will be below their normal value so I am sure that if you are going to the show you will be able to pick up a few bargain items.

Furniture (I need a caster!!!!!)

It has been sometime since we have offered the full range of furniture for sale. I know that some of you have been waiting for French Chairs. Because I am so busy I have been looking for a suitable casting company that can take over making my resin furniture castings but as yet found no one suitable. If you are waiting for something then it may be some time before we can deliver to you but please be reassured that we are working on it and will let you know as soon as we have some stock available.

Last words

I hope to have the website shop back on line at the end of this month together with a few new items. Our first show will be Arnhem at the end of September and then Miniatura first week of October. The last show of the year will be Kensington, at the end of November, where we shall be launching the Follie (fingers crossed!!) and also previewing our dolls house base on Versaille.

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