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January 23, 2017

In my old life, many years ago, I used to be a teacher so it is with some excitment that  I can announce that I shall be running a days workshop at the forthcoming show in Holland organised by the wonderful Rika.

During this workshop you will learn several finishing techniques such as aging wood, painting a wooden finish onto resin and gilding. You can choose two pieces of furniture from my collection to work on but will also upholster an 18th century chair

You can choose any two items from:

1. French table,

2.  French Console table,

3. large French console table,

4. mirror

5. bed.

If you choose to decorate the bed then there is a € 20 extra fee in addition to the  price.

In addition to your two items of furniture you will also work on and upholster an 18th century chair.

I will supply some fabric (Silk, Toile cotton and pretty French cotton )but you may have your own.

I am hoping that the day will be great fun and a learning experience. It wont be just a case of copying my techniques. We shall e...

December 1, 2016

Hello again,

Today I'd like to share with you a project I built last year called the Villa.

The villa could have been built in a swanky suburb of Paris or in Normandy on a cliff overlooking the sea in the 1900's... Up to you! 

It all started with two prints I found on a flea market in Tours, my hometown, in France. These prints were supposed to show what architects could build for potential customers. The pages came from a  book called 'L'Architecture pour tous".

Today, photos and computers allow us to visualize projects in a second. I guess in 1900,  it took time to draw and print pictures like this.

 Then , it took me a few days to draw an accurate picture of the facades. I usually spend hours with a ruler and a calculator, multiplying or dividing numbers and drawing on graph paper,  sticking pages together. Every measure  needs to be accurate.

What makes the charm of our buildings in 1/12 is the accuracy of the dimensions.

Sometimes, I see a beautiful scene on FB but one ob...

November 26, 2016

Many years ago when I was 20 I trained in Liverpool as a costumier and spent a few years in various theatres making/designing beautiful costumes. I learnt about the cut of an outfit and where the seam lines need to sit, how a garment was fastened and how to interpret a 2d painting into a 3d creation. I loved it and the 18th Century was my passion. However very few clothes remain from this period - cloth was expensive and in later years clothes that ha survived would have been used for fancy dress so finding originals was difficult......a study of paintings was inevitable. I still look at 18th century paintings of costume, looking at the detail and the construction and whilst on a google images marathon (!) I came upon this wonderful paper artist who creates the most stunning 3 dimensional costumes using paper and paint....her works are full size and an illusion of the real thing but she is able to achieve such brilliant detail and texture that it has inspired me to "try it out" in 12th...

November 25, 2016

I received a large  envelope this afternoon and at this time of year presumed it was a calendar from one of my suppliers - what a thrill it was to open it up and find a copy of January 2017 Dolls House World inside with my advert on the backcover.....simple things please simple minds and mine was definitely pleased!

The issue contains some lovely info about French dolls houses and includes an article by Parisian miniaturist Laurent Seigle-Dias ( whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Holland. There is also an article by German Artist Pipi Turner whom I have followed on her blog for some time now

if you visit her blog you will understand why I love her ideas and skill......



November 23, 2016

Hello, this is my second post on Alison’s blog. Today, let’s visit the hat maker’s room. I built this scene in 2013.

When I finished the tailor’s shop, I had two rooms above to furnish and I started with the attic under the roof. This type of room is not easy to decorate because of the slope of the roof.

I imagined it would have been a perfect place for a hat maker. Many worked from home and took their creations to the shop called “une modiste” in French. My grandmother was a hat maker.

I built a partition at the back which allowed me to place the bed in a nook with curtains.

I guess it was nice to sleep in a nook when the weather got cold although I have never tried. I got a sample of wallpaper from the Internet, I copied and pasted it and when I got an A4 page, I printed it. 80gr Paper is ok. That was the sample I had:

One tip: I like to use spray glue. Why? If the paper is too thin, the paper may get damp with water-based glue and tear.

Cover your work table as spray is difficult to contr...

November 20, 2016

Hi guys

I have a small range of furniture and am now itching to start work on a few new designs. I have quite a few images of furniture taken in France at the Paris Flea markets but would really appreciate your feedback as to which ones you like the most. I cant make all of them so would love to know which ones you like the most.....the following images are of real full size furniture that I could recreate in 12th scale. If you have a moment could you email me or contact me and let me know which one you prefer the most. I have also been asked by mini people for a dining table and chairs which I think is an excellent idea. However I do not have a every ornate table to photograph and so if you know of any full size ornate dining table that would make a great 12th scale table then please let me know - I would need to take at least a hundred photographs of it from different angles but if you know of one in a chateau or a museum they might allow me access. For the chairs I think I could adap...

November 16, 2016

I have invited a wonderful miniaturist whom I keep in contact by email to write about himself and his work on my blog - his name is Patrick Duclou and not only is he simply lovely but he make the most delicious and beautiful French dolls is a little sneak preview of the first house he made..... If you are like me and love all things French and mini then you are going to Love Patrick.... I shall leave Patrick to tell you all about his houses and work - I think we are all in for a treat (can't wait!)...........

November 15, 2016

We are having an advert in Dolls House World on the outside back cover! I was a bit short notice and as I did not have any images I asked my very good friend and professional photographer (Alex Miller) to pop down on Sunday and take some pictures.....I put my little French Dolls House in the front garden and Alex spent a manic 10 minutes photographing (he did not have much time). The main issue photographing Minis is the depth of field...where you try and focus on an area but the background is fuzzed away. The depth of field in the images is slightly too heavy but the results were very pretty. Here is the advert. If you buy DHW then please keep a look out for it - it will be in the January issue:

November 9, 2016

At the end of October on thursday I travelled to Holland to attend the Netherlands Dolls House show. It was a pretty long drive; leaving at around 8.30am and arriving in Holland for around 9pm but worth it! We stayed in the best B&B ever. A beautiful cottage seperate from the main house with breakfast delivered every morning through a little hatch. It was wonderful and our host were excellent.

On Friday we headed down to the exhibtion hall in Ulft and was greated by the most exhuberant and friendly organiser I have ever met - Rikka. She welcomed us to Holland and introduced us to some simply brilliantly talented miniaturists. Free tea and coffee was served up to us and we leisurely set up our stand.

On Saturday we had a great day meeting people from France, Spain, Germany, Holland and so forth...some people had travelled hundreds of miles to the show and it was worth it.

There was a great variety of stands and the quality was both collectable and afforable. We had a great day selling (if...

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