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Make & Sell for Bangladesh & Ukraine
And receive a free mini item for yourself

If you are creative and love miniatures but also have a kind heart then I have a little project for you. 

I am looking for a keen miniaturists who would love to make some miniatures to be sold on my website. All profits from the sales will go to  Bangladesh & Ukraine. 

Here's how it works

  1. Either choose some kits from the website or request a "bundle

  2. If you live outside of UK the items need to be easy to post (nothing too bulky) (Unfortunately Spain and Italy are not able to take part)

  3. Email (see contact form below) your request to me letting me know what you would like to make.

  4. Only 5 people each month will be sent a bundle! On a first come basis.

  5. I will send you a bundle of kits or specified items.

  6. You assemble/paint/upholster and take some fantastic photos of the finished item!

  7. You email me the images and then post the miniatures back to me and I shall use your photos and put the minis up for sale on my website.


Because this is a charitable event I do kindly ask you to pay for the return carriage but within the kits that I send to you will be a special something that we hope will make up for it! 

You can be as creative as you wish. For example you could request a bread table and some kitchen items and then transform the table into a heavenly event of Jam making or maybe bread making! You can use props you have made or bought. Or you might want to decorate some mirrors and frames.

The choices and ideas are endless. 

All I would ask you to do is request your bundle when you know you have some time to make the minis. It would be lovely to receive your finished items or item within two months of you receiving them.  

The items will go up for sale on my website on a dedicated page.. 


Want to make minis? Leave your info and I shall get back to you.

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