This beautiful 18th Century French Blue Chinoiserie has been in my achive for over 3 years so I thought it was time to release her! And I am so glad that I have. The colours are superb. Your computer or phone probably wont do justice to the colours. The best way to descrive them is a delicate cream background with historic blue and green pattern. The green seems to soften the blue, almost as if it were mixing the paints on a pallet. Birds and butterflies enhance this Chinoiserie. It is stunningly beautiful, delicate and would be an excellent choice for an 18th or 19th century dining room or bedroom.

Individually printed to order onto high quality paper with high detail and colour definition. The images shown on this website do not reflect the quality of the printed item. The printed item will be of a much higher quality with no blur or undefined print. Colours will be crisp and clean.


There are three heights available: 6", 8" and 10". all are approx 22" long


Please note that by increasing the height of this design we have increased the scale. A large scale Chinoiserie in a room is absolultey fine and will add drama. For comparison please see images. 


The pattern repeats at the end of each sheet so you can run it continuously around a room. 

Miniature printed Wallpaper & Murals © Alison Davies Miniatures

18th Century French Blue Porcelains Chinoiserie wallpaper

PriceFrom £6.00

    The resolution (sharpness of detail) of the prints is of a very very high quality and although you maybe viewing a slightly pixilated image of the mural your print will be sharp, clear and beautiful. All murals are printed on thick high grade paper that has a matt finish and will not wrinkle when glued. The inks will not bleed if the paper is made wet.


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