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 Tiny 12th scale pair of 18th century ladies shoes made in pewter and ready for painting. Please note that you will receive UNPAINTED shoes.  I have painted a pair in the images so you can see more of the detail. The unpainted pewter metal shoes are solid, so although they have the appearance of being hollow they are filled with a gap at the top left open. 

The top section of the shoe was known as a slipper and placed onto the rather strange but practical raise base. This would elevate the wearer upwards and away from the dirty streets and therefore both slippers and dress would remain clean. The slippers would have been held in place by a ribbon which I have removed from the design so you can attach your own. In theory this held the slipper onto the base. Both slipper and base would have been covered in fabric. 


18th Century Ladies shoes (ready for painting) on block base without ribbon