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This will be available shortly - I am waiting for the flat thin sections to be cut. Once I have these I shall update the item with stock.


This is a DIY kit for a 19th century buffet cabinet with internal projections that will accept a shelf if desired The kit also contains a mirrored back to reflect the interior items, a seperate top section that can be decorated seperately and an internal shelf.

This is a 12th scale copy of a real 19th Century buffet cabinet (images of the cream and gilt are the full size version)  - the original was found on the 1st dibs website and is quoted as describing it as " A magnificent French 19th century Louis XVI st. patinated and giltwood buffet. This unique and stunning buffet is truly an exemplary specimen of the highest quality Parisian work." I have to agree! This is my favourite item to date.


Every detail has been copied with only minor alterations (the drawers do not open) and the kit allows you plenty of scope to reproduce to the original which can be seen in the images with the plain white background or visiting 1st Dibs


I suggest using super glue for assembly but when attaching the top section to the doors and columns you may find that using  slower setting glue is advantagous and easier.


 7.3cm high x 13.5cm widest part  x 4.4cm deep.



DIY KIT 19th Century Buffet cabinet Coming soon!

    •  Gentlemans desk = 6.5cm high x 15.5cm wide  x 7.5cm deep.

    • Torchere = 10cm high x 4cm widest part x 2.6cm diameter on top.

    • Ladies desk = 12cm high x 10.8cm widest part x 5.5cm deep.

    • Commode by Francois Linke = 7cm high x 11cm widest part x 4.5cm deep.

    • 19th c. decorative cabinet = 7cm high x 7.5cm widest part x 3.2cm deep.

    • 19thc. Buffet Cabinet = 7.3cm high x 13.5cm widest part x 4.4cm deep