Eagle Butlers wall mirror

Style dating around 1805 to 1820.

It is currently sold without the mirror.


This style of mirror was used in large wealthy houses, in prominent positions to not only act as a mirror but also enable the butlers or serving staff to see who was coming into the house or a particular room, without peering around the corner or accidentally being seen themselves. The mirror would act as a tool and a cue to provide timely service in that particular room. This is why these mirrors are sometimes referred to as “butlers mirrors”.


It is currently sold without the mirror. I shall be sourcing some plastic that I can mould and if successful will supply the frame with a convex mirror. 


This is an exact replica of an original. 


Made from metal and sold as a kit the mirror with its two sconces is easy and quick to assemble using super glue (just a few minutes). The kit consits of the main body and two candle holders (please note that each candle holder is made for its specific position). Where possible I always try to send a length of dowel for the candles but not a guarantee.


Could these be wired? Yes of course. The metal can be easily drilled and the wires attached to the scrolls with very very thin wire (I do have some wire if you are considering making these electric - please request some at checkout).  The candleholders can then take a suitable candle bulb and holder.  


A pair of these would look beautiful in the alcoves either side of a  firesurround or equally they would finish a study.  Where ever you choose to place them I can guarantee that they will look wonderful. 

The price is for one. 


12th scale

5" high

Oval mirror insert 1.65" (4cm) Diameter

2.4 wide and approx 3" widest point (either side of candle holders)

0.7" projection of candle holders




Eagle "Butlers" wall mirror.

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