Pair of Fire Dogs

Pair of French firedogs. These are highly detailed and decorative metal cast 12th scale firedogs created to guard the fire. Each cherub faces inward and there is a left and a right in each pair. The central length is made from a high grade plaster or resin and long enough to suit most 12th scale fireplaces. It can be easily cut with a hacksaw.


The fire dogs are unpainted and in their raw state which is dull pewter. When painting the metal firedogs use a metal primer otherwise the paint is liable to easily scratch off. I use a spray metal primer. If applying gold leaf there is no need to prime them.


Cherubs firedogs are: 4.5cm high x 3cm wide x 1.25cm deep

Long strip is 15cm long x 1cm high


The image of the firedogs that are brass looking are the real full size originals







Pair 12th scale French Fire dogs Unpainted

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