12th scale unpainted taps

These rather unusual taps date from around the 1920's and have a slightly more angular design than the usual type of tap. I just fancied something a little different. 

They come in two sizes and are the price is for one. 

A. small 16mm high x 13mm deep

B. large 20mm high x 15mm deep 


The smaller size tap you would find on most baths and smaller sinks whilst the larger size is for heavy duty washrooms and big sinks where a smaller tap would look out of scale. 




  1. The kit is made from Pewter alloy (no lead) and is a very soft metal. 
  2. All kits are fresh from the moulds and require a certain degree of tidying up. You will need to use a pair of fine snips and a miniature file to remove and smooth any casting spurs. 
  3. We advise that all metal kits are painted with a metal primer before painting. We use a metal spray primer as it avoids lumps and brush marks. 
  4. We monitor stock levels of the items but occassionally we shall run low which means making more and this might delay the despatch date by a few weeks. If this is an issue please let us know. 
  5. A general comment: Glue kits together using superglue and superglue activator

Single Taps - 2 sizes (12th scale) unfinished