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This is a KIT - some of the images shown show the chair painted and assembled.This is a 12th scale copy of a real 18th Century French chair! The original was found in an incredibly expensive Antique shop in Paris where the owners gave me permission to photograph it and reproduce it in 12th scale. I had to adapt the design slightly for eas of production but all the decoration and detail is as authentic as possible.


The chair kits consist of the metal frame and plastic seat and back inserts. The kits are fresh from the mould which means that you will need to remove any casting spurs. I use a small file and sandpaper to do this.To assemble the chairs you will require super glue - I like to use a gel glue by Deluxe but any superglue will be fine - alternatively you could use epoxy glue.The kits are easy to assemble and if you have never assembled a kit before the challenge should be fine. I do not supply foam pads but ether a 5mm or 1mm thickness of foam works well.You may need to sand the corners of the chair seat pad to allow the seat pad to easily fit into the frame. It will fit without sanding but when the pad is covered in fabric it might be a little tight if using thick fabric..To paint the chair you can use any paints - acrylic, oils, emulsion, spray paints. Metal primer/undercoating is required. The chair measures 90mm high x 6.5cm wide x 5cm deep. The actual seat measures 6cm at the front and 4.5cm at the rear and is 4.5cm deep.


These are similar to above but made from resin and are assembled - they come prepainted but you can over paint them. They are ready to upholster. 

Kits 18th C. French Chairs and made up sofa for repaint and upholstery

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    • The chair  measures 90mm high x 6.5cm wide  x 5cm deep.
    • The actual chair seat measures 6cm at the front and 4.5cm at the rear and is 4.5cm deep.