Furniture, wallpapers and  architectural  features  from 18th and 19th century originals reduced to 12th scale. 

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I would just like to say that we hope all our customers are keeping safe and well. We all need to focus on things we love and enjoy to keep our minds active and our happy button pressed! I shall keep you updated with all things mini and let you know of any new developments. If you wish to place an order we are "open"  but please be aware that some deliveries, in particular outside the UK, will be slower than usual. Keep safe




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"Welcome to my website where I invite you to indulge your passion for all things mini and decorative. I have, for the past 35 years had an interest for the unusual, the historic and the 'detail'. It fascinates me that when I touch an old 18th chair or book or cup I am touching something that was created over 200 years ago: I am touching something that someone 200 years ago made or bought. This idea sends me time travelling where I imagine what the person would have worn, what they would have looked like, how they would have spoken and why did they buy or make this item. Everything has a story to be told . If  I can combine this with a sense of the unusual then I am in heaven. My love for 18th century French architecture and interiors as well as model making and the art of "creating" has lead me to where I am now. Its a match made in heaven for me. However the 21st century has offered a new way of  creating: CAD technology, 3d printing and finally casting processes. This process is just as artistic and complicated as traditional methods it's just that we have swopped the chisel for a mouse and the firing oven for a 3d printer. The process allows for far more creativity and incredible detail to be added to the miniature piece. I cast all of my designs in a fairly traditional manner in resin, metal or plaster for you to enjoy. I do hope that you feel inspired looking through my website and maybe I can spark a passion for all things decorative, mini and detailed."







One of my favourite pieces. This fountain is waiting to be painted and filled with water (the resin kind) and adorned with moss, mould and magic!


Art of Mini - link to their website where you will find all manner of wonderful French inspired creations.
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A few of my favourites


Large 12th scale Fountain.

Created in high grade plaster and ready for painting



This stunning dolls house kit has taken 2 years to develop and is one of my favourite projects to date.



Various sizes of decorative panelling in two different heights. Will be available later this year



The Art of Mini

I thought I would share with you someone who inspires me.

12th scale like no other and always with new ideas, Janny and her husband Simon create the most delicious 12th scale creations many of them French inspired and all of them wonderful. If you are looking for something different may I recommend them to you. 

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   The folly       &      Liberte - versaille

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Kensington Dolls House Festival
July 2020
Kensington Town Hall, London
New items should be ready for the show.


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